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TORIColors Toric Contact Lens


A healthy contact lens practice is vital for any Eye Care Practitioner.

That’s why TORIColors™ from PolyDev™ can provide you with the only affordable, disposable, cosmetic, Toric lens available in the US.

TORIColors™ provides superb color options for astigmatic patients who otherwise would have to wear cosmetic spherical lenses with a loss of visual acuity, purchase expensive, custom, cosmetic toric lenses, or risk eye health with lenses not approved by the FDA.

TORIColors™ adds color to your practice! With its well-regarded extremeH2O® 54 Toric base lens, patients will have:

  • Outstanding lens comfort and DK values that ensures good corneal health
  • Superb iris color changing capability & coverage
  • Beautiful, natural look

The right fit for patients

Your astigmatic patients may be interested in TORIColors™ if their prescription requirements are within any of the following ranges:


Low Cylinder: (0.65D)

  • Sphere Powers: Plano to -4.00
  • 0.25 steps Plano to -2.50
  • 0.50 steps -2.50 to -4.00
  • Axis – 15-90-180

Mid Cylinder: (1.25D)

  • Sphere Powers: Plano to -4.00
  • 0.25 steps Plano to -2.50
  • 0.50 steps -2.50 to -4.00
  • Axis – 10-90-180

Product Specifications

O2 Permeability – 21DK (Fatt Units @ 35°C)

Wear Indication – Daily Wear with 1-Month Replacement

Base Curve 8.6

Diameter 14.2

Blister Pack (6 Per Box)

Cast Molded, Prism Ballast Design,

Back Surface Toric, Tapered Edge

46% Hioxifilcon D, 54% H20

Polymer Type GMA/HEMA Copolymer Group 2, High Water, Non-Ionic

Next Steps 

As an Eyecare Professional, we would love to work with you to sell our TORIColors Contact lens. To become a supplier fill in the form below and we set things up. We have fit sets available which can be sent to you. 

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