Common questions about TORIColors Colored Contact Lens for Astigmatism

Toric Lenses

What are Toric Lenses?

Toric lenses are specifically designed for people with a condition called astigmatism.   Roughly 10% of the contact lens wearing public have astigmatism to a more or lesser extent

What is astigmatism?

This is simply a condition whereby the correction required for a person’s sight is in the shape of an American football as opposed to a spherical correction in the shape of a baseball.  Left uncorrected astigmatism can cause eyestrain, headaches, and blurry vision.  The prescribed correction is described in terms of the spherical power needed, followed by the correction (the wide and narrow axis of the football) and the axis (the angle the football lies at).    

A typical prescription might be -0.50 x -0.65 x 010.   This is minus 0.5 Diopters (spherical), -0.65 Diopters (toric correction) and 010 (the angle of the correction).

About TORIColor Lens

What’s special about the Toricolors lens?

The Toricolors lens is the only moulded toric cosmetic lens approved for the US market.  

It is manufactured by PolyDev in Ireland and is based on the Extreme 54% water lens* acknowledged to be an exceptionally comfortable lens.  

This and a superb print quality yields a lens that is both comfortable and beautiful in terms of cosmetic effect.


What is a TORIColors lens?

The Toricolors toric cosmetic contact lens is a colored lens designed specifically for people with astigmatism.   Its available in four colours and is designed to be both comfortable and effective cosmetically.

Can a person wear Toricolors lenses with only one astigmatic eye?

Yes.   It is reasonably common for people to have one astigmatic eye and one spherical eye.   For the latter, Toricolors are available in a limited range of spherical prescriptions and can be bought in the same way as the toric lens

Can a person wear Toricolors lenses when they have no requirement for prescribed sight correction in one or both eyes?

Yes. Toricolors are available in “plano” formats with no sight correction.   They do however require fitting by a qualified professional for safety reasons.

Can the Toricolors lens be worn every day?

Yes.  These speciality lenses allow you to change your eye color when you choose and can be worn for special occasions or for every-day wear.

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