Our Lenses

Don’t compromise

With TORIColors you can have beautifully coloured contact lens made with leading-edge technology that also combats your astigmatism.

Each lens offers excellent end of day comfort and reliability with a wide range of color choices from natural hues to dramatic tones. TORIColors gives you the choice to see clearly with color.

A TORIColor lens offers:

•  Innovative base lens – offering the best in technological advances

•  Superb color print design

•  Corrects astigmatism offering clarity without compromise

TORIColors is the only opaque color disposable toric contact lens available for patients with astigmatism. 

TORIColor Lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is when focus on two different optical planes due to a refractive error in the eye. This can make the vision blurry at certain distances.  TORIColors lenses match your two prescriptions to correspond to the 2 points where the image is processed at the back of the eye for patients with astigmatism. The technology behind each TORIColors lens ensures that the lens does not rotate in the eye. Through lens stability, vision is improved and astigmatism is corrected whilst the lens is worn.

Most patients with astigmatism will find a  TORIColor lens suits them and their only difficult option is to choose the color!